OMG! Another Disease Discovered, Deadlier than Ebola and Lassa Fever

It's no more news to see the outlandish care of the Government on its Citizens upon an epidemic outbreak of any disease.

At such times, one would think that the Nation is about to have a major surge over its economy.

Well, we've heard how the Government did curtail the Ebola fever and then its younger sister, Lassa fever. Isn't it praiseworthy?

Here's the Shocking Part:

People won't stop to fuss too much over the news of this epidemic outbreaks. Quite surprisingly, most people die of the "Ignorance" they bought for themselves. Remember the "salt bath" during the Ebola Outbreak? And how people ate poisonous portions that were made for rats during the Lassa fever outbreak?

Did I hear you say foolishness, ignorance or lack of common sense? Then you are close to knowing this newly found disease...

One mysterious thing about this disease is: it can stay on the host until death!  And another is: an infected fellow will make it generational if not cured. Factual enough, one can have it and still feel okay, live healthy, do everything good and all will sound gorgeous. But the moment a test is carried out, such might be more confused than confusion itself. Please don't panic yet. I had to do a self-check myself to see if I am free - totally free - from this contagious disease!

Over the century, so much has been said about HIV-AIDS and its cohorts but it will be sad to know that these don't really have instant resultant effects on people like the daily occurrence of Malaria.

Here's More

Did you remember your New Year resolution? And the mouth-watering plans you made and those lovely goals you did set?

February is going already and, obviously, the economy of the Nation (E.g. Nigeria) is taking an outrageous downward turn.

Now to some people, the accomplishment of those set goals and plans are not visible again. This menace is called unbelief - it's a disease that's transmittable!

Give Me Your Ear...

Do you know why we work on making our body fit without getting a firmer grip on our soul? It's because we always like to put the cart before the horse.

Work on your spirit and soul and watch how your physical body display awesomeness.

Remember these?

Many people die of low self-esteem on a daily basis! Many more die of heartbreaks from a lover or a loved one. We are all dying from the pangs of corruption!

If I may ask, are those above not deadlier than any epidemic disease?

Let's cut it to the chase

Unbelief, Low self-esteem, Ignorance, Hatred, Unforgivingness, Self-limitation are diseases that are so deadly that a whole generation can inherit. Each is an accomplice of Poverty and many other decadent lifestyles.

And this is how any of them is contacted:

*When you wake up in the morning and you don't see any reason to tell yourself that the day will end well, regardless of what is available for the day, then you have it!

*When you think you can never get to a specific height in life, you sure have it!

*When all you do is just to murmur and not take actions that will birth the result you want- my friend you sure have it!

*When you allow your background or situation around to judge what your life could become, hey! You are carrying the virus!

*When you allow someone who is a guru in limiting himself to dictate what your next moment will be, you will contact it sooner than you think.

*And when you don't believe whatever God says about you, you are carrying this deadly disease.

My Friend... It's not about how you feel at present…

Surely, I see you making it this year. I see a change of home for you, better business, better job and better money. I see you being a source of blessing to many people. I see the jobless being employed, the singles getting married and broken homes being restored. Above it all, I see you being all you’ll ever desire.

As for me, every single year will remain a hit... Back to Back! From 2016 to 2017 and beyond!
This year, faith has taken over! Leave unbelief for the dead!


I am what God says I am; I am the head and not the tail; I am unlimited by the situations around me; I will be what God has ordained me to be; I refuse to be an object of limitation to my generation; I refuse to be a shame to my world; I am nothing but Success; I am a blessed and glorious being; My life is wonderful for I am wonderfully made; My life is worth more than what people see!
From this year and beyond, I will become a testimony and wonder to my world.

So shall it be. Amen.

Do you believe in the above prayer? Then, as a testimony that it's done, share this with anyone you wish a better year in 2016 and beyond.

More Reason to Like and Share this?

Many people give so much headache to things that don’t have quick life-threatening effects on people.

If you’ll agree with me, HIV-AIDS isn’t like many people chorus it. Many diseases and viruses are deadlier.

And if we will dread (fear) ignorance, low self-esteem, corruption, poverty, nonchalance, self-limitation, and unbelief like we dread many of these popular diseases, we will all live as kings and queens on earth.

So, Hit Like and also Share this to save a friend from Ignorance. I’ve done my part.
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Let Men Know 6

Yo lady!

When the time is right, you will find the best man that deserves your heart. Remember, not all that glitters have the innate nature of Gold. Some are gold-plated... And so are *many* men.

You want to know which is real? Then never fall easily for them. A man that deserves your heart will proof it, not by his feelings or diction, but by his actions.

That is not all! Men can fake things! Men can be a dove today and be vulture tomorrow. It takes you knowing what it takes to be a real lover before you know the one that is real. If you do not know that for now, kindly learn!
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Let Men Know 5

Yo lady!
Your Heart is a medal and all men that come your way are but athletes...
More often than not, the one that appears a good runner doesn't deserve the medal.
Let them all run the race, be careful who wins the medal.
Men! Men! Men! One thing is real about them all... They love you until they see someone who can whet their lustful appetite. The more you give yourself to them, the earlier you become used and dumped with them. The best you can do is to wait and let love lead you. Don't Fall for a man in your brain! If you do, they steal your heart!
And never walk them freely inside your heart until the time is right. But, you know when the time is right? God knows!
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Let Men Know 4

Yo Lady! I wish we all have scanners on our foreheads to see those guys who only want to get the best piece of our hearts and leave us miserable.
Don't give your heart so easily to those that claim to love you wit words.

True Love is tested. True Love Waits. True Love doesn't seek only pleasure. True Love is much more than can be verbalized. True Love gives more than it wants to take. True Love doesn't live in words but lives in action. True Love is worth waiting for. True Love is worth giving everything for.

Isn't that what you have got?
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Let Men Know 3

My dear friend, I know enough about men. I know most of them are as thick as their skins are. Their tongues are filled with deceit and in their hands are many of evil deeds. Their hearts calls for pleasure and they seek for those they will have... just that with you.

Some men are not worth your time.

Not even a piece of your heart.

If you let them in easily, they know how to take over like a terrorist on a plane.

No man on the Internet is married, so they profess. And the last time I checked, they are scorpions lurking in the dark to strike.

Yea, I know that love could sometimes work online, but overall, it's a place of untold deceit.

Watch them when they fly around you.
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Let Men Know 2

Understanding your wife will help you to love her unconditionally, though this may not happen in a day or automatically; it takes daily determination and practice. You must be ready also to give yourself to your wife (or girlfriend).

Often times, men use their brains to show love instead of using their hearts.

It's by using their hearts that they tend to show love that is real. It is demeaning to see that men only run after what they want to get in a woman, than giving in their very best.

And when a woman receives little from a man, she tends to give little back, because respect is reciprocal.

See you a man who wants to get the best from his wife? Let him give the best.

See you a boyfriend that wants the best out of his girlfriend? Let him give his best first.

Share this and let all men know.
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Let Men Know 1

All women are God's special gifts for you to enjoy throughout your life. Don't pick them up being just a girlfriend and then dropping them. Don't fake your love for them, when they deserve the best.

She has love, tenderness and so much more offer for you. Whether she will be what she's supposed to be will depend on how you can understand her.

Often times, it is the attitude of men in not accepting and understanding their wives (or girlfriends) that makes most women withdraw and be cold towards their husband (or boyfriend).

There is no much of research in this. It is what common sense can tell. Anything you want your woman to become, show that you have a heart that can accommodate such and appreciate her all along.

Share this and Let men know!
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Amazing, British Film Company Creates "Real Life" First Person Shooter on Chatroulette

Amazing, British Film Company Creates "Real Life" First Person Shooter on Chatroulette

I have never visited the Chatroulette once, and then I am beginning to have the idea of what my life would have been had I invested little of my time on it. I would be loaded with visuals enough to blow my head away and would daydream for real.
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So Sad: New Couple Splits Over Toothpaste

Would you do this to your Lover?

Anybody who is updated would know about the alarming rate at which relationships break these days. The world is going more ridiculous and strangely unconventional as there are so many unbelievable things happening for real in the world of relationships. No matter who you are or where you live, you would have heard different stories of broken homes.

Even if you are living in the most cherished country in the world which is America, that is a place where breakup happens at least every 6 seconds, and yet according to the record, it’s the 10th most divorced country in the world. You can imagine how active the breakup game is in the world.

Not only in USA alone, when I receive another story of broken home, I just sigh and wonder how many times we have to see this happening as we watch helplessly! While so many relationships were cut off due to some reasons best known to the victims, so many could not cope with the differences of their partners, some called it a quit because of waywardness, but this is not the story of James and Jessica, a fresh couple of few months.

They got married and everything was going smooth, their honeymoon was the talk of the town and people were so jealous of the “freshest” couple.

Only God is perfect they say, though their relationship is almost the next perfect thing after perfection itself; but there was only one objection to their relationship, they failed to deal with their individual differences. 
The husband loves it when he holds the toothpaste and presses it from the middle, but it’s one of the most irritating act Jessica the wife would ever think of. You shouldn’t be doing this James, you are more matured than this, Jessica hollered at him and it all turned to a physical fight all of a sudden.

In the quest to help the matter, Jessica moved to where the toothpaste was, held it from the esteemed edge as she continued yelling, “This is how to use a toothpaste James!!! You press it upward this way”.

This is one of the most annoying things to James from ladies; complaining to him in an annoying way, he would not take it for anything. How he had ended up marrying Jessica was still mystical for him.

But the veil is falling off already. He is calling it a quit and there is nothing anybody can do about it. And that was what he actually did. They headed for the court to dissolve the relationship the second day and that was the end of their few weeks wedding.

Disheartening, you will say, of course that’s how I felt as well. So many questions in my heart… “Were they forced to marry each other?” The issue was too simple and it’s nothing to write home about.

But, for how many months did they court and how come Jessica failed to remember how much her husband hates nagging? How old could James be that he so acted like a fool to end a few weeks wedding over a small brawl with his wife?

“Wait… What would it have caused them to buy separate toothpastes and let each of them decide how they press it out?” If we look through, it’s more than that. It would have been the result of accumulated misunderstanding that they failed to settle amicably.

"So many of these unions that need to be questioned if there is compatibility in their relationships or just about the love and affection? Of course relationship is more than that and we all need compatibility to survive in our relationships." Is that your thought? Is it really compatibility? I think it’s more!

We often hear people tag compatibility the culprit behind many breakups, but the last time I checked, most of them were just playing out a tape of their disgraceful selfishness – nothing more, nothing less.

Relationship or marriage is more than having a flawless representation of a partner on your head and seeing a physical manifestation of it after the nuptials. If it will work, you need to empty yourself of the “self-centeredness” you are wrapped in. We all need to do this!

If marriages would ever be like they used to be, individuals would just have to learn. We all have to go back to the drawing board, and find a way of getting our foot back into the old path of love. We all need to learn the dictates of love anew.

This is nothing but a clarion call to everyone. It is sure a charge for you and me to give up trying to have our ways in relationships, but rather let love have its way again.

The world would sure become a better place if we all be the better person we want in the other person. We would live peaceably if we embrace peace with all our being before we demand it of our partner.

Our Children must not grow with the craziness of lust that we call love. We must set their feet right on the good path. I see marriages coming back to their “once upon a time” blissfulness.

Feels like passing this to a friend? Kindly use the share button. Thanks.

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List of the World’s 10 Most Divorced Nations

The World Needs Help!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this list, and it will be a shocker to you as well.

If you as me about the country with the highest divorce rate, I would really say it's the Unites States, until I saw this list online.

The list makes me wonder what the fate of the coming generation is would look like maritally.

So, here is it:

10. USA: 53%

9. France: 55%

8. Cuba: 56%

7. Estonia: 58%

6. Luxembourg: 60%

5. Spain: 61%

4. Czech Republic: 66%

3. Hungary: 67%

2. Portugal: 68%

1. Belgium: 71%

All these figures are so disheartening and it’s time we all found a way out, if the coming generation would taste anything called marital bliss.It is time we woke up from our slumbers! It is time we gave love the chance to grow in our hearts again. And the very time we give up selfishness.

Let your friends see this!


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Lady Confesses: I'll rather Kill myself than Live to see Shame

What would you do if you are in her shoes?
Photo Credit: MediaHoarders
Tell Tolu that heartbreaks do heal and she will show you putrefying sore her heart is nursing. 

That life has been the direct opposite of the glamour that average human being clamour is more than a fact for Tolu.

She's had her share of untold shame and gloom, enough menace that is too much to get past. Five minutes with her is enough to tell the full version of heartbreak she is in. 

Seeing her for the second time this week, and begging that she would just let the past go, Tolu was ever resolute. The only thing she wanted was a payback - and a quick one at that. 
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